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The STB GmbH bearing seals use the power of magnets to create a sealing effect by means of a sliding surface. High precision in manufacturing and assembly allows a balance between low friction power and virtually no leakage in low pressure operation. The perfect alternative to labyrinth seal and drive seals.

Supported by magnets, a continuous pressure is placed on the surface of the seal, creating a contact that reduces the leakage to virtually non-existent. By using magnets and high precision in the manufacturing process, the life of the seal is extended, and the maintenance is widely reduced. Ultimately saving you time and money.

We know that one size does not fit all. Which is why we created 4 different versions of the STB Magforce for you.

Our Products

The Magforce

has an O-ring on the stator and can be easily inserted into the housing.

The Magforce OA

for inside installation and edge for easier disassembly.

The Magforce OA2

for inside installation without disassembly edge.

The Magforce R

with reverse outer contour for installation from operating side and edge for easier disassembly.

Long Lasting

Long lasting seal with reduced needed maintenance.

Minimal Cost

Savings from maintenance cost and downtime.

Reduces leakage

Through the use of magnets and a continuous pressure, a contact is created that virtually eliminates leakage.

Great Quality

With the use of state-of-the-art machines and qualified engineers, great quality is guaranteed.

What are contact seals?

What materials are used?