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About Us

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Our Story

STB GmbH was founded in 1994 by our managing director, Jörg Riedel. Still a 100% family-owned company, STB GmbH has grown exponentially since its inception. In the beginning, our focus was the distribution of mechanical seals. Now, years later, our focus expanded to include the design and manufacturing of mechanical seals, and sales are growing at above-average levels. Our success proves that we are an industry leader as a mechanical seal manufacturer.

Our Journey

Due to the dynamic development, the first service and production hall was built in 2006. To accommodate for the growing company, from 2009 to 2014, 3 more halls were built, one of which was built to integrate modern CNC machines and further develop the logistics.

Here, at STB GmbH, the trust is not only placed on our qualified engineers, but also on our high-quality and state-of-the-art machines. All processes are monitored by a high-quality QM department. At the heart of the service building, is a 20 t crane to carry out the repair and modification of large-scale plants. We currently have 16,000 m² of land and over 4,500 m² of warehouses and production halls. With multiple branch offices across Germany, we are always available to offer great service on site.

Due to the rapid growth within the EU, we decided to expand worldwide and have branch offices in China (STB Shanghai Trading Co Ltd.), UAE (STB FZE), Colombia (STB SA Colombia), and Thailand. We opened branches in these specific areas to be present in our main markets and be closer to you. With no signs of slowing down, follow us to see where we go next.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to support our customers with individual solutions and to bring all arising problems to a positive result. We became an increasingly stronger partner, not only throughout Germany, but worldwide.

Deeply Committed

We will provide you with the attention and quality you deserve and need.

Extremely Efficient

Able to offer you the quickest lead times.

Highly Skilled

With a team of over 80 engineers, we use our skills to provide you with the upmost quality.

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