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Corrosion resistant: Has a very good corrosion resistance overall with the ability to successfully be resistant to drinking and industrial water, condensed water, water vapour, sea water, non-oxidizing acids, and neutral salt solutions. However, it does not prove to be resistant against solutions containing cyanides and halides, oxidizing acids, ammoniacal solutions with a high concentration and halogen containing gases, hydrogen sulphide, and sulphides.


Very good corrosion resistance is apparent with low aggressiveness and low chlorine ion concentration.

Magforce Bearing Seal

The Magforce is the perfect contact seal for unpressurized applications. It is easy to install and retains a steady low temperature.

The seal that uses the power of magnets to create a sealing effect by means of a sliding surface. High precision in manufacturing and assembly allows a balance between low friction power and virtually no leakage in low pressure operation.